Concierge Services

Banking and Finance


Finding the right loan and combing over the fine print is a tedious experience at best. Luxury Bloom has expert staff that can assist you in the completion of all the formalities required to own you new home. We also have tied up with standard charter bank and HDFC/HSBC who can provide you the most competitive rates and seamless service.

Personalized Marketing


There are a million variables to consider when purchasing a property. Often times you aren't even sure what you want or how to find it. Our professional staff will sit down with you and help you make sense of it all. We will help you identify your requirements and then find the properties that meet your needs.

Design and Execution Support


The joy of owning a new world-class property is only matched by designing the interiors to meet your sophisticated needs. Luxury Bloom has partnered up with the best design houses in India. They create modern and contemporary designs to suit every taste and work with some of the best design agencies in the united states. At any point in the process, we can seamlessly bring them in to help you design a home that will truly inspire.

International Client Services


When you live abroad, buying a property can be beyond overwhelming. The logistics alone can send your head spinning. Luxury Bloom can help you manage the whole process from start to finish. With our concierge service, Luxury Bloom will do whatever it takes to provide the best buying experience. We will arrange appointments with property owners and take care of your visit, from booking your flight tickets and hotel stay to closing the deal.