Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. But it is FREE and easy, and we won’t share your contact information with anyone outside of Luxury Bloom.

ONLY luxury apartments, independent villas, farm houses, condos and holiday homes are sold on Luxury Bloom.  Each property is vetted by Luxury Bloom to ensure this standard before it is posted on the site. 

No.  Absolutely not!  Luxury Bloom does not make any money from you going and seeing any particular property.  We are here to help you find the right property for you. 

Luxury Bloom believes that all the information on the website is correct. However, no warranty is made on the accuracy or reliability of the information contained herein.

When you click on a property you like, your contact details will appear for the builder. You can also avail of the premium services and we can arrange a pick up for you to visit the property.

Luxury Bloom will be more happy to perform a customized search for you through our premium services.  Please contact Luxury Bloom by calling us at +91 40 4949 4848 or click customer service to send us an email.  

No. Luxury Bloom is a search portal that connects buyers to sellers.  You need to contact the builder or owner in order to make a purchase.  

We work tirelessly with our builders and property owners to make sure our listings are the most accurate and up to date.  Because of the demand for properties posted on Luxury Bloom, occasionally a posting is not removed immediately after sale.  If you discover that a property is sold, please contact our customer service

We make it simple.  Click here and we will walk you through it. 

You will receive an email and SMS with the contact information of the client once they click “I am interested” on your property.

Yes, you can edit your posting.  Please contact customer service with the new content you would like to add including pictures.  We will contact you to discuss and verify the content before uploading it. Luxury Bloom takes up to 24 hours to make the changes. 

There could be a number of reasons you are not receiving enquiries:

  • Not enough pictures or details were included in the post
  • The rates might not be as competitive as other properties

Solutions - Update your posting with more information and compare your rates to other postings to see if they are competitive.  

  • Check what properties you have already viewed
  • Create and use searches to find the properties you want
  • You can also sign up for alerts on new properties that match your criteria.
  • You can contact property owners with just one click instead of filling out the form each time. 

No.  You can search the site as often as you like at no charge.

No. But as part of our premium services, our experienced staff can help you secure the most competitive loan available in the market. 

When you click on the property you like, a form pops up.  Fill in your contact details and click Submit.  The information is directly sent to builder and his details are sent to you.

No. You can't sell a property to Luxury Bloom. You can list your property for sale on our web portal.

Once you save a search, you can retrieve it anytime and use it to search for new properties.  You can also request Luxury Bloom to send you automatic alerts for any new properties that match your search.  

YES! We have a range of premium services.  We can do everything from help you identify what you want to helping you find the finance to pay for it. 

No.  Luxury Bloom only lists luxury apartment, independent villas, farm houses, condos or holiday homes with rents above Rs. 75,000.  Please contact customer service to ask if your property qualifies.  

Of course!  Once the post is live, it will appear on any search where the criteria match.   

Luxury Bloom is the best agent you will ever find.  Give us a call at +91 40 4949 4848 or click customer service to write us an email.  

Yes, changes can be made easily by logging into your account and editing the details in your profile