About Us

Whether you are a first time buyer or a veteran of the real estate market, it’s never easy to find the right property, in the right location, at the right price. All brokers and builders try to package their properties as “premium”, “international” and “luxury” which is not always the case. 

Luxury Bloom believes that buying a luxurious property should be an enjoyable and hassle free experience. 

We do this by connecting you directly to the best properties the market has to offer. 

We met every builder and every property to make sure what you see are only the best luxury properties.  

The search criteria makes it easy to narrow down your search to quickly find what you’re looking for and each property is presented in amazing detail. When you find something that peaks your interest, the contact details are right at your fingertips. And you can trust Luxury Bloom because we don’t make money when you buy. We succeed only by providing you the best online experience possible.  

Our Team

The team at Luxury Bloom is a committed group of experts with an in-depth knowledge in the respective fields of real estate and luxury consumer goods and services. Each member of the team is a dedicated professional. Everyone is encouraged to expand their knowledge and hone their craft. The result, an unparalleled team on your side pooling their collective knowledge of their fields together creating a unique blend of talents and skills focused on a single goal – creating a unique one of a kind world class experience for you. 

How it Works

Our team of real estate professionals work tirelessly to provide you with only the best luxury properties in the country. But it doesn’t stop there. Luxury Bloom prides itself in presenting each property in the greatest detail with virtual tours, detailed layouts and hi-resolution pictures that make you feel like you are there. 

It’s easy to use Luxury Bloom. Just click on Buy a Home and look through the properties we have listed.  If one peaks your interest, just click on it to view all of the details. If you want to contact the property owner, click on the Contact button, fill in our details and Submit. Luxury Bloom provides additional selections in its classifieds which provides the most exclusive listings for second sale. 

Luxury Bloom also has a whole host of Premium support services that go above and beyond what others provide.  Our personalized services are customized to meet your discerning requirements and include everything from our concierge service to helping you design the interiors of your newly acquired luxury home. Professional services such as financing and design execution, provide you with the best advice.

 These services are ideal for our international customers and appreciated by everyone who needs a seamless experience.